Language Arts

Literacy Ideas!
  • Arrange for older children to read to younger ones, and vice versa.
  • Bedtime is 8:00, unless you're reading; then it's 8:30.
  • Don't read every day- just the days you eat.
  • Encourage your child to share stories with you.
  • Hold a family read-a-thon: for at least one hour, NO TV, just reading.


Fables are due tentatively May 9th.

Current Assignments:

Greek/Latin: Naut, naus, nav- relating to the sea, ships, or travelers
  • Argonaut- a person who took part in the California Gold Rush by traveling west in search of gold from 1848-1849
  • astronaut- a person who is trained to travel into outer space
  • circumnavigate- to travel around the earth on water or in the air
  • cosmonaut- a former Soviet who was trained to travel into outer space
  • nauseous- affected with a feeling of sickness in the stomach that feels like sea sickness
  • nautical- related to sailing, sailors, or ships
  • navigable- wide or deep enough for ships to be able to pass through
  • navigate- to steer or direct a ship or airplane
  • navigator- a person who is trained to plan the course of and drive a ship
  • navy- a fleet of ships; all the warships of a nation